Task and Activity Group Overview

Important Information

Location:Fairmont, Vancouver, BC
Date:December 2nd, 2012
Time:4:30pm - 6:00pm

This meeting took place at MICRO 45, with approximately 30 attendees present. Notes from the meeting are available. A follow-up event is currently being planned.

During the recent CSA Workshop, it was decided that working groups should be created to continue the effort of building and sustaining a community for the architecture simulation framework. These working groups will address the following two issues that were identified during the workshop.

  1. Community building: What is needed to build and sustain a community for the simulation infrastructure(s), including (but not limited to) ways to 
    • encourage buy-in by the broader community
    • educate the community how to build resilient and fast tools
    • getting and providing the resources to support the community
    • gains and incentives to/for the community
    • privacy issues with respect to code/data/experiment release to the public
  2. Infrastructure: How to develop and build the infrastructure(s), including (but definitely not limited to) mechanisms to determine:
    • layers and components (e.g., architecture simulators, emulators, memory simulators)
    • interfaces among different layers and components
    • compliance with community needs and expectations
    • validating strategies and tools

The purpose of this initial meeting is to plan and organize each working group, i.e., determine their mission, strategy, activities, and time frame. 

Related Events

This related Birds of a Feather event, whose goal is to engage academia, government and industry in buidling and sustaining an open framework for computer architecture research, will take place at SC12 on November 14th, 2012.


  • Bruce Childers, University of Pittsburgh
  • Alex Jones, University of Pittsburgh
  • Daniel Mossť, University of Pittsburgh

Point of contact is Bruce Childers, University of Pittsburgh, childers@cs.pitt.edu.

Sponsored by Division of Computer and Communication Foundations, National Science Foundation, Cyberinfrastructure for Computer Architecture Design and Evaluation, award number CCF-1148646.