Workshop Overview

Important Information

Location:Westin, Arlington, VA
Dates:May 31 and June 1, 2012
Hotel cut-off:May 11, 2012

Follow-up Events

A mailing list for ongoing discussion and announcements about the CSA effort has been established. If you wish to participate in the mailing list, please contact Bruce Childers to be added to the list.


A framework of interoperable simulators for computer architecture is long overdue. It is important to bring together and build a community of researchers and implementers of architecture simulation, emulation, and modeling tools for memory, CPU/cache, storage and the network on a chip. This workshop will engage the academic community, government and industry to make sure that there is a community framework allowing interoperability of simulation tools for Computer Architecture. Workshop participation is by invitation.

The workshop has several goals, including:

  1. assess the current state of architecture simulation, hardware emulation, analytic modeling and benchmarking infrastructure;
  2. determine the needs and development priorities for the simulation framework, including what capabilities should be added to future artifacts and what are the most important emerging technologies that should be addressed;
  3. determine ways to leverage, combine and coordinate disparate investment in the simulation framework by multiple groups;
  4. develop strategies and actions to build a community that supports a suite of well tested, validated and interoperable artifacts for a more cohesive framework.

To accomplish these goals, the workshop will be organized around three tasks. Each task will be carried out through a combination of break-out and whole-group discussions. The tasks include:

  1. assessing the current state of the simulation framework and developing a roadmap for future investment;
  2. recommending ways to leverage artifact investment across different tools; and
  3. recommending a strategy to building and sustaining a community to develop, maintain, support and validate the framework.

The workshop participants will write a report summarizing the outcomes from these tasks.

Sponsored by Division of Computer and Communication Foundations, National Science Foundation, Cyberinfrastructure for Computer Architecture Design and Evaluation, award number CCF-1148646.